Thruwind’s small wind turbines have an advanced design that allows them to harness more power. They also do not require a gearbox and have an overall smaller rotor size and longer durability.

Thruwind small wind turbines can be used by households on top of residential rooftops or by businesses such as industrial facilities, agricultural farms, telecommunication stations, fisheries, hotels, public buildings as well as micro grids or autonomous systems and remote islands.

Thruwind’s wind turbines transform the way available wind power is harnessed. We create innovation in the small wind turbine sector.

Our technology development activities draw upon secured Intellectual Property rights of our company.

Our products are ideal for bringing electricity generation facilities closer to consumer points and for giving consumers the possibility to own wind turbine systems. In addition, they reduce the environmental impact of our users and empower our clients to also become prosumers or independent energy producers.

Innovative 5kW Technology

Diameter4,4 m
Generator3-phase PM
Weight440 kg

Benefits of our technology

  • Maximization of savings in utility bills
  • Unparalleled cost-efficiency
  • Optimal efficiency and power output
  • Higher local communities’ acceptance
  • Provision of energy independence
  • Upper-class design
  • Improved product safety
  • Faster ROI
  • Lower rotor strains and O&M costs

Photos of our Technology